• You can optimize using the full bandwidth of the interface on the instance that you choose for the CloudOptimizer server
  • The CloudOptimizer server runs within your VPC and is as secure as your VPC policies
  • All CloudOptimizer communication is SSL encrypted, so you may not need a separate VPN solution


  • A Speed-as-a-Service account with an active subscription
  • CloudOptimizer Dedicated Server running on at least a medium instance in your VPC


You can use Speed-as-a-Service to accelerate data movement into and out of Amazon VPC. Unlike the Amazon public cloud, where you use shared CloudOptimizer servers in the Speed-as-a-Service network, when you use VPC you use dedicated CloudOptimizer servers.

To optimize into VPC, just launch our Dedicated CloudOptimizer Server instance from the AWS Marketplace within your VPC. Give it an internal and external network interface. Then define a CloudOptimizer server object in the Speed-as-a-Service Dashboard using the external IP address of the Dedicated Server. There is no additional fee payable to CloudOpt for running the Dedicated CloudOptimizer Server.

CloudOptimizer clients will now route directly to the CloudOptimizer server running in your VPC.

For more information, please see the Speed-as-a-Service Quick Start Guide for VPC.