"The OFA engineering team also did a lot of work to ensure that they got the most out of Amazon's cloud architecture in terms of resiliency. As the election approached and the infrastructure demands surged, the engineering team took advantage of Amazon's multiple availability zones within its Virgina data center. 'We built out a triply redundant, encrypted, and compressed WAN optimized tunnel between AWS regions," VanDenPlas said, "using a combination of OpenVPN, CloudOptimizer, and some DNS trickery."
Scott VanDenPlas, Obama Campaign (Use case: MySQL Replication)

“We completed an upload in 6 hours today that used to take us 3 days!”
Mike Wincek, Loyola Press (Use case: Moving 6TB into S3 and Glacier)

“Delivering up-to-date information to our customers requires near real time synchronization across all of our databases. Using CloudOpt we reduced the amount of data transferred by 78% and database synchronization was reduced to just a few minutes.”
Andrew Chinn, CTO, Winged Media (Use case: MySQL Replication)

"CloudOpt has enabled our customers to do offsite backups to Amazon AWS S3 quickly. Their technology has created a whole new product category for us to offer to our customers."
Mike Duffy, Down to Earth Technology (Use case: Replicating backups to Amazon S3)